11 Jul 2017, 12:00

Ziggo Dome extends contract with Gauddi

"The arrival of the Ziggo Dome has changed the Dutch concert and events landscape forever," says Edgar Kruize (EB Live). The venue that literally began as a sketch on the back of a cigar box celebrated her first quinquennium last June and has published a magazine for this occasion. Here they look back on five special, intense though successful years.

“The core values that define Gauddi, are: "Expert, Interested and Innovative."”

For this special anniversary edition, Gauddi's Edo Sleutelberg was interviewed and, of course, asked about his (digital) record collection. His answer: "that varies between rock bands, slow music from David Gray to Kinderen voor Kinderen for his kids."


Venue signage is an indispensable tool

But in the interview there was, of course, room for a flashback. During the construction of the Ziggo Dome, Gauddi was already closely involved with the location. Over 300 screens were given a place, together with the big screen above the entrance of the building they formed the network of digital signage screens.

"Digital signage have become an integral part of leading venues. It has proved not only to be an indispensable tool in effectively guiding and informing guests, it also appears to be a strong partner in pricing products. " - says Edo. 

"Ziggo Dome effectively responds to the needs of her guests through the screens. From displaying social media messages from the venue, but also those from visitors, giving traffic information and promoting other events visitors might be interested in. We at Gauddi are happy to contribute to the ultimate live experience that the Ziggo Dome has been offering her guests for five years! "

Paul Meester (Manager ICT at Ziggo Dome) about this collaboration: "Our partner Gauddi is constantly developing their product, thus remaining distinctive in the market. This is probably the reason we have such a good match with each other. The core values ​​that define Gauddi, according to me, are: "Expert, Interested and Innovative."