Effective event communication

Every minute guests spend at your venue is an opportunity to enhance their experience and capitalise on their presence. Digital signage is your tirelessly enthusiastic assistant. From building the excitement and pointing everyone in the right direction to tempting them with refreshments, merchandise and tickets to future events.

At Gauddi, we’re familiar with the diversity of messaging needs in stadiums, arenas, cinemas, night clubs, theaters and other entertainment and corporate venues where there’s a high volume of time-sensitive activity. That’s why we developed a digital signage solution which makes it really easy to create and schedule the full spectrum of communications needed for every event. Always with a fitting look & feel.


Be the perfect host

8 Ways Gauddi is going to improve your job

  • Connect with your captive audience
  • Keep waiting guests entertained
  • Steward crowds
  • Integrate social media buzz
  • Promote additional purchases
  • Support on-site services & amenities
  • Motivate staff via an in-house channel
  • Attract revenue through advertising sales



Digital signage is the ultimately versatile solution for helping every visitor to your venue feel at ease. Assisting with everything from orientation to discovering add-on purchases which enhance their experience or satisfy their needs. With Gauddi’s handy templates, it’s easy to adapt your communication for every different event and promote every available service. So you can offer the right information to each individual audience.

Changes of schedule, spot promotions and restaurant specials can all be integrated as they become relevant. As can live feeds for news, weather, traffic and even running commentaries of your own event. Location specific content, can be triggered at will. With a wide range of general guidance taken care of, your visitors feel more valued while your staff are free to attend to other tasks.

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Brands already enjoying Gauddi



With their powerful ability to draw people’s attention, your digital signage screens are an attractive proposition to your business partners. Suppliers wanting to reach the audience inside your venue have plenty to gain from having their advertisements shown in strategically relevant locations.

Offering them a slice of the action between your own informative content slots can be a great revenue earner. Gauddi makes it easy to schedule advertisements to specific screens during specific time periods. Which maximizes their effectiveness through being relevant to the particular audience seeing them at that moment. Everybody wins!

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Innovate the cinema experience

Digital signage is a must- have for any venue with lots of things going on for they allow you to refresh your communications daily if need be, keeping viewers informed about your latest news at all times.


Check out this compilation of custom designed templates.

Why Gauddi

Digital signage can provide everything from entertainment while waiting in line to practicalities such as signposting and schedule countdowns. Its helpful content begs the attention of a captive audience. Which means every screen is also an opportunity to promote sales. For both your own products and those of your business partners.

Affordable to buy and cost-effective to operate, Gauddi has the advantage of working via LG webOS screens, the most reliable digital signage hardware on the market.

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