Unlock your sales potential

Inspiring and informative in-store journeys are a retailer’s best friend in the quest to maximize customer spend. Gauddi’s simple-to-use digital signage helps these happen, by engaging with customers all the way through your store. From outside the window to payment at the till.


Enhancing the retail experience

7 Ways Gauddi is going to improve your job

  • Attention-grabbing displays
  • Engaging customer journeys
  • Integrated live feeds
  • Time and location-relevant content
  • Social media synchronisation
  • Brand reinforcing imagery
  • Adapts to assist staff training



Gauddi’s digital signage lets you tap in to the full spectrum of social media benefits. Its intelligent templates put live feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly onto your in-store screens, bringing this valuable dynamic environment right in to the customer experience.

Fans’ comments, photos and videos of your products can be integrated into your in-store marketing. The opportunity to get involved encourages immediate interaction from those who see it. And the posts and comments they contribute also get forwarded to all your followers’ newsfeeds. Your social media activities achieve higher engagement and share a broader variation of content, without any additional effort on your part. Customers feel more connected with your brand and you get to gather plenty of valuable insights into their opinions.

Mixing this customer-generated content with your own marketing messages adds variety and credibility to campaigns.

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Brands already enjoying Gauddi

Digital signage content for retail

Check out this compilation of custom designed Templates.

Gauddi showreel retail



Gauddi’s video on-demand tool lets you easily switch from running playlists to showing specific videos on any of your individual screens. Something which can be particularly useful if you want to hold a video-assisted out-of-hours training session.

All you need to do is upload your video(s) via the Gauddi CMS and designate them as ‘Video-on-demand’. Gauddi downloads these to your screens, where they’re available for you to play whenever you’re ready, simply by using a remote control to switch your chosen screen from pre-scheduled playlists to video-on-demand.

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Customize templates to reflect your personal or brands needs. Learn all about our templates in the template gallery.

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Why Gauddi

Digital signage reliably delivers all kinds of practical and promotional content. Use it for everything from signposting and brand reinforcement to alerting customers to discount promotions and right-now-relevant products. You can even tap in to the interactive power of social media by integrating relevant feeds. However you choose to put Gauddi to work, it adds an extra dimension to your shop floor sales effort. Whatever you need to say, wherever and whenever you need to say it, Gauddi communicates the information and images which make a difference to your bottom line.

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