Digital menuboards: The effective solution for every food outlet

In an industry so driven by product information, effectively communicating everything you need to say can be challenging. There are tempting descriptions and legally required ingredient listings. And there’s the constantly changing rhythm of mealtime-specific menus, daily specials and sold-out items. Whetting customer appetites without overwhelming them can be a hard balance to strike.

Printed menus are restricting and a pain to update. Specials boards can bring inconsistency and confusion. What’s needed is an attractive-to-look-at medium that can focus on what’s available right now, supported with all the relevant information. Including clear pricing and up-sell options. The good news is that medium already exists. Digital menuboards are an easy-to-use way to show the most recent menu to your customers.


Flexibility that serves customers better

9 Ways Gauddi is going to improve your job

  • Easily change products and pricing
  • Ideal for nutrition declaration compliance
  • Promote up-sell and combo options
  • Introduce new items
  • Show the right menus at the right times
  • Apply updates from anywhere
  • Live feeds entertain & inform customers
  • Adapts to assist staff training
  • Eliminates production spend on static materials



Switching between time-defined menus is seamlessly achieved through Gauddi’s digital signage. Simply set your changeover times in the CMS of the digital menu board software for automatic transition between breakfast, lunch, dinner and and incorporation of daily specials. One less thing for your customers and staff to have to think about.

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Brands already enjoying Gauddi's digital menuboards



Mouth-watering images, attention-grabbing graphics and dynamic animations are the perfect ingredients for promoting every item on your menu. Gauddi’s digital signage gives you all this, together with the flexibility to adjust your marketing strategy to see what works best.

Try different combos, incorporate spot promotions, introduce new items or highlight different up-sell options. See how they impact your sales at different times. Whatever you can think to boost your turnover, our digital menuboard software makes it possible and Gauddi supports you.

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Customize templates to reflect your personal or brands needs. Learn all about our templates in the template gallery.

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Check out this compilation of custom designed templates.

Why Gauddi

At Gauddi, we’ve developed a really easy-to-use digital signage system that's ideal for all kinds of food outlets. It adapts to your branding, your menus, your schedules and any other specifics which are important to your customers. It can even integrate live news and social media feeds to keep their minds off any waiting time.

Affordable to buy and cost-effective to operate, Gauddi has the advantage of working via LG webOS screens. User-friendly software gives access to a rich variety of content opportunities, while a broad choice of easily-customized templates mean stylish, professional, on-brand presentation is effortlessly achieved by all.

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