Creating impactful impressions

Informing employees and welcoming guests to your premises are everyday aspects of corporate life. These communications affect internal cohesion and influence external perception. So you want to be sure you're doing it the best way you can. Ideally via a convenient tool that intelligently automates the process. Such as a digital signage system which reliably sends out the right messages, at the right times, to the right places. And with the right look & feel.


Connecting with your people

8 Ways Gauddi is going to improve your job

  • Highly visible messaging
  • Effort-efficient communication
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Time and location-relevant content
  • Integrated live feeds
  • Social media synchronisation
  • Promotes corporate identity
  • Assists staff training



When you’ve got something to say, you need to be sure it gets noticed. The dynamic nature of digital signage draws the eye and keeps the mind active. Which results in increased attention for your communications.

Through attractive designs and animated displays, digital signage enhances delivery of every message. It’s the perfect way to elevate content above the monotone world of emails and memos pinned to the wall.

Gauddi’s broad choice of easy-to-customize templates help you deliver everything you need to say, or share, with a consistent on-brand look & feel. And thanks to the permission-based workflow system, multiple people can contribute content while you stay fully in control of what actually gets sent out.

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Brands already enjoying Gauddi

Digital signage content for corporate industries

Check out this compilation of custom designed Templates.



Too much of the same thing soon results in loss of attention. Corporate messaging can be delivered more effectively if it’s mixed in with other types of content. Such as news or entertainment from ‘the outside world’.

Gauddi’s digital signage can seamlessly integrate live feeds from news, weather, traffic and even social media accounts with scheduled corporate messaging. So you can break the monotony and retain attention to your screens. This can also be an effective way of prompting referral to other internal communications which may have gone unnoticed.

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Customize templates to reflect your personal or brands needs. Learn all about our templates in the template gallery.

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Why Gauddi

Gauddi provides a genuinely simple-to-use solution that does all this. Our intuitive digital signage CMS lets you create, design and broadcast a rich diversity of content throughout your premises. From welcome messages and timely reminders to announcing industry news and promoting corporate initiatives. You can also use it to deliver health & safety briefings or training videos. Or create a sense of dynamism by displaying live feeds from news channels or even your own social media accounts.

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