Optimal satisfaction with digital signage through LG webOS

Gauddi is proud to be the world’s first digital signage platform dedicated to LG webOS. This means it delivers your content through the most reliable hardware available on the market. Just as importantly, LG webOS screens do everything we want them to, with minimal fuss. The perfect partner for realizing our goal of giving you the best functionality and ease-of-use for the best price.

Reliable, versatile, easy-to-use and great to look at, LG webOS screens are the perfect reflection of what Gauddi is all about. All you need to get up and running is power and an internet connection

Digital signage with LG webOS

10 Ways Gauddi is going to improve your job

  • No external media player needed
  • Landscape and portrait playback
  • Remote management capabilities
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Industrial build quality
  • Conformal protective coating
  • More than 20% cheaper to install
  • Up to 50% lower power consumption
  • Suitable for 24 hour use
  • On-line support

Continuous playback guaranteed

Gauddi software and LG webOS screens work in perfect harmony to deliver smooth, uninterrupted playback at all times. While Gauddi’s cloud-based application acts as your command centre, LG webOS screens are equipped with a local data store that keeps the content flowing, even in the event of internet disruption. This makes LG webOS perfectly suitable for digital signage.

Instead of playback via continuous streaming, LG webOS screens download entire playlists from Gauddi only as needed. This keeps ongoing bandwidth usage to a minimum, so you’ve got more for other things. And if you’re offline for a while, the system is smart enough to know where to pick up the instruction flow, both during and after downtime.

The Gauddi-LG digital signage solution is also fully prepared for playlists which incorporate internet-dependent live feeds, such as news reports or social media posts. These are buffered as standard to ensure smooth playback in case of internet disruption. And in the event of prolonged outage, the feeds are automatically removed from playback until service is restored.

LG commercial grade webOS monitors

As the world leader in digital signage hardware, LG is Gauddi’s trusted partner for fit-for-purpose equipment. LG’s robust commercial displays work just the way we want them to, so you experience all the benefits our software is designed to deliver. Conformal coating protects the circuit board from dust, iron filings, humidity, etc. for long-term reliability.

From convenient 22” monitors to gigantic 98” displays, LG has a Gauddi-compatible webOS screen for every requirement. All of which can accommodate multi-zone layouts in both portrait or landscape orientation. High performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology enables execution of several tasks at the same time, ensuring continuously smooth playback.

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Intuitive software installation

Preparing LG webOS screens to work with Gauddi software is as simple as downloading an app to the embedded media player. You’re then set to experience all the benefits Gauddi is designed to deliver.

Multi-zone lay-outs, HTML5 template-based content, stills and full HD video are all accommodated. The network can be controlled by whoever you allow, from whichever internet-connected device they choose. Your content always appears in the right place, at the right time. And all that remains is for you and your audience to stand back and enjoy the show.

As a certified LG webOS partner, Gauddi continues to take the lead in developing new features to enhance everyone’s experience even more.Try for 30 day

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