Pathé takes the magic beyond the big screen

Determined to innovate the cinema experience, Pathé began to reinvent the cinema experience from 2015. Moving away from traditional visual merchandising such as static POS material, posters and big carton displays, Pathé Arnhem was the first full ‘digital’ cinema in the Netherlands utilising a complete digital signage solution from the moment it was built. With its success, the official Pathé De Kuip brand store was then chosen for a complete digital transformation including all marketing, wayfinding and infotainment managed through one Gauddi content management system.

Innovate the cinema experience

Digital signage is a must- have for any venue with lots of things going on for they allow you to refresh your communications daily if need be, keeping viewers informed about your latest news at all times.


Established in the 19th century, Pathé is one of Europe's pre-eminent entertainment companies. With a reputation built on independence, innovation and quality, Pathé is the world's longest established film company, and now encompasses a diverse range of media and entertainment interests. Pathé is Europe's leading cinema exhibitor, with over 1.000 screens in France, The Netherlands and Switzerland.


Partnering with Gauddi, Pathé De Kuip underwent a complete overhaul in a comprehensive technological transformation. This was done with zero interruptions to the day to day operation of the cinema. 

Creating an unforgettable wow experience for guests of the cinema, a huge high-brightness 12-screen videowall was first installed in the front entrance to welcome visitors. Inside the lobby, a vertical 15-screen videowall achieves maximum impact with high-end content from the biggest film studios in the world. Staying true to the digital only experience, the traditional screening times display behind the counter was then replaced by a 2 x 4-screen videowall, displaying the available movies in all 14 theatre rooms. 

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Guide towards the right theatre room

Walking towards the theatre rooms, guests are guided by another 14 vertical screens displaying the theatre number, movie posters, synopsis and trailers of the movies about to be shown. Upon exit, even more screens have been strategically placed to show movies coming soon, as well as promotional messages upselling events and special offers.


Wayfinding-routing: Guests are guided to the right theatre rooms via engaging entertainment screens throughout the cinema.

Central control: Our set up is powered by a custom display controller, which turns the screens on in the morning and off at night. All content is prescheduled and connected in real-time with the Pathé back-office for accurate content related to the timetables.

Infotainment: Highly-engaging screen content displaying each film synopsis, trailers, and coming soon information captivates guests and is powered through a live feed, which reduces manual input and improves the overall digitalisation of the cinema.

Multi-purpose videowalls: Impressive large-scale videowalls are used throughout the cinema to attract visitors, whilst also showcasing new releases to entice and excite guests.

Marketing: Upselling and cross selling opportunities are utilised with on-screen promotions. This is used for special event nights, food and beverages sales, gift cards and branding exercises.

Animated movie posters: Posters are brought to life with full HD and 4K trailers – creating a truly immersive entertainment experience that captivates viewers through sight and sound.


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Gauddi: the digital signage solution

Versatile has never been so simple. Gauddi brings all the benefits of digital signage to your fingertips through easy-to-use software which puts you comfortably in control.

Content can be easily updated by Pathé staff. New information can be added and removed instantly using Gauddi’s custom content management system. Multiple channels are utilized with unique playlists, day parting, take-over content and exclusive campaigns to further enhance red-carpet events. Last but not least; first and second line support is covered through remote management and diagnostics, whilst playback reports are also available for individual content channels.


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Complete digital transformation including all marketing, wayfinding and infotainment managed through one Gauddi content management system.

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