Digital signage without a media player

A screen, internet and electricity. These are all the things necessary to transmit great content to one or multiple screens. Digital signage screens are increasingly often equipped with an in-display operating system, a System on a Chip (SoC). No more need for an external media player!

System on a chip

Gauddi’s software is specialized in the development of user-friendly digital signage on screens with a system on a chip. Our software allows you to easily make a digital signage campaign with your own corporate identity. Read this article to learn what to expect when you want to start using digital signage in combination with SoC screens.

A quick start to your own TV channel

It is very simple to start your own digital signage campaign. The only thing you need to do is install Gauddi’s software on the SoC screen. Connect the screen with the internet, download our digital signage software and log in to your Gauddi account. After that, you follow several simple steps to create a campaign and watch your own transmission.

When putting together the campaign, you can choose one of our many templates to create eye-catching content and to appeal to your target audience. You can also choose customised content creation: a design based on your specific wishes and corporate identity, conceptualised by our professional designers.

Low-cost maintenance

There is no need for an external media player when you choose digital signage with a screen fitted with System on a Chip. This leads to significant savings. First off, you do not need to invest in a separate media player. Secondly, your energy usage decreases as less machinery is used to run the digital signage system. Finally, maintenance is cheaper and the system’s installation is many times simpler.

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Digital signage functionality through System on a Chip

Another great benefit to digital signage through screens fitted with in-display operation systems is its scalability. You can easily increase the amount of screens on a certain location, as well as easily add screens to the TV channel in other branch offices.

You decide what content you share on which screen with your Gauddi account. Think for example of sharing a corporate video, the usage of a template to welcome visitors or of informing employees on KPIs. You can also use live-feeds that show traffic information, national news or weather forecasts.

Hardware for narrowcasting screens

Philips and LG offer the world’s most innovative digital signage SoC screens. Philips makes use of the Android operating system and LG of webOS. You can choose to mount the SoC screens horizontally or vertically, their contents adjusting themselves to the screen’s positioning. Local data storage ensures an uninterrupted run of the campaign in case of internet connectivity issues.

Are you curious about the possibilities? We would be delighted to think along regarding which digital signage screens would be best-suited for your organisation.

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Application of digital signage

Digital signage can be applied in a multitude of ways. From large corporates using digital signatures to welcome customers and to communicate internal KPIs to cinemas showing trailers of the latest films and current screening times. Digital signage is flexible, versatile, user-friendly, and can be entirely integrated into the corporate identity.

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