Digital signage in the automotive industry

Buying a car is not something you just do, before you choose to buy a new car, you’ve probably seen the car multiple times in advertisements or on the internet before deciding to actually purchase it.

As a car dealer you want this experience and branding to be recreated during a visit to the showroom.

Digital signage enables effective and direct communication with your target audience, also in the automotive industry.

Stimulating brand experience

Brand experience plays an important role in the process of purchasing a car and the degree of satisfaction once the car is bought.

This brand experience can be enhanced using digital signage at the point of sale. By placing a digital signage screen in the showroom and waiting rooms, you can effectively showcase a car brand’s USPs, models and workshops, all in the style of the brand.

Central and local content management in a uniform corporate identity

The content of digital signage screens can be managed easily. Does your organisation have multiple locations on which you want to show the same content?

No problem, you can manage the content from the headquarters. In this way, every location will always have the most attractive presentation showing. Does one of the dealerships have something specific to announce? Then the local office manager can add the information to the digital signage loop.

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Enticing visitors


A car company is visited by a large variety of customers. People who stop by to take a look in the showroom in search of their perfect brand-new car, while others visit to pick up the car they bought earlier that week, and at the same time there are customers pulling into the garage for their scheduled car maintenance. All of these visitors are in a different phase of their customer journey and with content on digital signage screens you can respond to each and every individual journey.

Generally, 70% of all purchasing decisions are made at the Point of Sale. This is why it is important to visually stimulate consumers while they are in the showroom. Digital signage is an especially suitable instrument to do so. The experience is demonstrably enhanced and previous marketing can be repeated.

Waiting rooms
The perception of waiting times is strongly decreased by deploying digital signage as infotainment. In this setting, it is possible to bring brand expressions to the customer’s attention again to enhance the brand experience.

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Automotive signage is also suitable for the internal communication between management and employees. For example to communicate key performance indicators to mechanics, sales people and other employees.

Mechanics are busy every day, fixing cars and preparing new cars to leave the showroom on their way to new owners. Digital signage is a perfect tool to communicate work process statuses with your mechanics, as the screens are able to show content from the CRM system.

Digital signage screens can even be used in the canteens, where the employees have their breaks. You could share weather reports and traffic information, as well as the company’s KPIs. This way your employees will always be up to date with the company’s developments.

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