Digital menuboards & Bagel 'n Grinds

Bagels ’n Grinds is located in ‘The Hotel at the University of Maryland’ in College Park. From the moment you enter this upscale coffee and New York-style bagel house you know you are in for a treat. A treat to be enjoyed on the go or in its beautifully designed dining area featuring a long window bar with charging stations as well as a double sided gas fireplace with comfortable chairs and couches.


Owner Adam Greenberg clearly built this flagship location with quality food, authenticity and client perception in mind. A wide corridor with a look-in kitchen on the left leads to the order taking area where visitors are welcomed by two large 4 x 55” display digital menu boards as well a single 55” promotional board.

The first menu board is visible as clients stand in line allowing them to take in the menu.

The second menu board is on an adjacent wall right behind the ordering stations for those that have not made up their mind yet.

The promo board is visual from the dining area and runs a variety of content from product promotions to general messages.

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Why Philips Android?

Bagels ’n Grinds chose commercial grade Philips displays for their competitive pricing, three-year advanced exchange warranty, as well as their glare free, LED panels. In addition, the display’s loop through capability allowed them to manage 8 displays with only 4 digital signage licenses. The promotional display uses the 5th license.
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Gauddi digital signage software and content management system (CMS) allows Bagels ’n Grinds to display its breakfast and lunch menu. The software also adjusts soup offerings on a daily basis.

Bagels ’n Grinds’ first location in Hanover Maryland was retrofitted to use Gauddi software as well allowing for simultaneous management of both menu board locations.

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Gauddi: the digital signage solution

Versatile has never been so simple. Gauddi brings all the benefits of digital signage to your fingertips through easy-to-use software which puts you comfortably in control.

Content can be easily updated. New information can be added and removed instantly using Gauddi’s custom content management system. Multiple channels are utilized with unique playlists, day parting, take-over content and exclusive campaigns. 

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