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Passionate about making digital signage more enjoyable for all, Gauddi is where technology, business awareness and common sense come together.

Conceived in the Netherlands in 1998, we’ve amassed over 18 years’ experience creating thousands of channels, which have performed in practically every corner of the planet. As technology developments have changed the way the world communicates, we’ve incorporated these into our digital signage solutions. Thanks to a partnership with industry hardware leaders, we are proud to be able to offer a system that’s as intuitive to set up and use as your smartphone.

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Exciting Opportunities

Digital signage presents a host of exciting opportunities that more and more businesses are keen to benefit from. But as the medium develops, so does the mountain of information and jargon associated with it. Which isn’t very helpful when your expertise lies in running a retail store, café, venue or other corporate organization.

There’s so much to know about hardware, players, screens, cabling, extensions, displays, resolutions and….the list goes on. Buzzwords and phrases such as 'Digital Out Of Home', 'Place-based media', 'Beacons' and 'The Internet of Things' are being banded around with wild assumption that everybody knows exactly what they mean. You almost need a degree in IT to understand what’s being ‘explained’ via the industry’s websites, blogs and whitepapers.

And then there’s the matter of cost. Why is it so hard to get a transparent overview of what you actually need to make this whole thing work? Tempting ‘for free’ options always come with a cost of spam and/or polluting third-party content. One way or another, you’ll end up paying.

To cut a long story short, new users of digital signage face a daunting learning curve. At Gauddi, we don’t think that’s right. Digital signage is supposed to make your life more convenient, not more complicated. That’s why we set out to create a product which gives you everything you need, in a way you can easily get to grips with.

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Our offering has been shaped around the things that matter to our customers. That’s why we provide a cloud-based CMS that lets you work from anywhere with an internet connection. Why we developed intuitive tools that help you create and manage, without demanding technical know-how or skill in graphic design. And why we incorporated multi-user management capabilities that invite collaboration, without compromising security.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s why we make Gauddi available via transparent and affordable pricing model. Which is scalable to your needs and doesn’t catch you out with hidden costs. And we’re extremely proud of what we’ve created.

At Gauddi, we work hard at doing what we do best, so you’re free to focus on what you do best. Let’s enjoy doing all of it together! 

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